Who we are

Since 2002, Germani has handcrafted cheese that is now known abroad for representing the unique character of Italian flavors and the quality standards upheld by Germani’s vision.

Germani’s cheese quality lies in the capability to evolve along Lombardia’s traditional food culture. Thanks to years of experience and a continued search for genuineness, we boast a high- quality selection of cheese that represents our greatest level of professionalism on a daily basis during the production phase, as well as a true passion for the art of cheese making.

The company is constantly evolving to develop new products that strive to satisfy the demands of an ever- changing market.

Our ties with the land and farming background were the backbone of our history, but today’s technologies coupled with our cheesemakers’ skills and tireless work ethic set our path to deliver top-quality Italian cheese that mirrors our tradition.

Our products -Caprino (with both cow’s and goat’s milk), Primo Sale, Robiola, Ricotta- are made fresh on our premises every day and are brought to your tables to give you a taste of our land, our attention to detail and our innovative ideas.